I’ve been trying to set aside time to get back into blogging these past weeks. I love photography, fashion, food and writing but it’s been hard to find time to get it all down on the blog when I spend most of my time sewing, designing new dresses and trying to keep a small business together. I’ve been pulling a lot of inspiration from the bloggers that I admire lately while trying to make a real effort to create authentic, honest content. I’m starting to find a good rhythm, so now it’s time to work on prettying up the blog and connecting with the people that excite, inspire and motivate me.

Over the weekend, I’ll be gussying up the look and functionality of the blog and figuring out this whole Bloglovin’ thing as I switch over to them for all my RSS needs. So… if you would like to see all the new stuff in store for Sophster-Toaster, you can Follow my blog with Bloglovin!