Hostess Gift Ideas

Hostess gifts are rarely seen outside of the holiday season among my generation. Come to think of it, they are rarely seen inside the holiday season as well. Our grandmothers would cringe to see that young women these days attend a party at a friend’s home and show up with nothing but a bottle of wine for themselves. Maybe you occasionally bring an appetiser or a dessert to share, but I say that’s not enough. Our grandmothers would bring gifts for their hostess to thank her for inviting them, for decorating and creating a relaxing atmosphere, for food, wine and the occasional party favour and, most importantly, for letting them have a fun evening without all the pesky cleaning up to do afterwards. I think it’s high time to bring back the hostess gift! At least at the bigger Christmas parties ladies.

Hostess gift ideas for friends old and new:

  • Flowers, can’t go wrong with flowers
  • A bottle of wine
  • Rare or unique cookie cutters
  • Fancy chocolates
  • A small cheese knife set
  • A cheese board for serving
  • Candles, if your friend usually lights candles for a party
  • Barware, something the cocktail queen doesn’t own yet
  • A wine stopper, it will certainly come in handy later in the evening
  • A pretty cook book for a niche baked cook, like macarons