Homemade Lunchbox Salad Kit

Last weekend, my husband and I took 40 minutes out of our Sunday to make croutons, cook bacon and rip lettuce to build enough Caesar salad kits to fill a week’s worth of lunchboxes. This was in an effort to keep me out of expensive school cafeterias and to keep my husband away from the ease of unhealthy lunches.

Homemade Salad Kit

How to make your own lunchbox Caesar salad kit:


It’s so simple, it will make you feel silly for spending so much on premade grocery store salads.

  • Fill a sink with enough cold water to allow your required amount of romaine lettuce to float without touching the bottom. Place lettuce in the sink and swish around with your hands until all of the soil has settled to the bottom of the sink.
  • Place lettuce in a colander to dry.
  • Make your croutons now if you are using homemade.

  • Cook your desired amount of bacon. Chop until a pleasant bacon sprinkle like texture is reached.

  • Assemble containers to portion your salads.
  • When dry, rip lettuce into bite-size pieces and place in containers, saving room for the dressing distribution shaking to come.
  • Add the bacon but leave the croutons out until the morning each salad is packed.
  • Portion salad dressing in smaller containers and keep separate until lunchtime.
  • Refrigerate your salad kits and bask in their glory.