My First Wrap Dress

Black Wrap Dress

I’ve always shied away from wrap dresses. I guess I thought I didn’t have the curves to pull them off. Then I read that the wrap dress silhouette might be just the thing to perfectly accommodate both my wide, structured upper body and my soft, more lush lower half, bringing harmony to my overall look.

If done correctly, no part of my outfit should look constricted, bunched, or stretched. I should look like I have freedom to move about and my hem should fall gracefully, without the fabric getting hung up anywhere. This should bring some effortlessness to my look that is in line with my casual and creative essence.

Black Wrap Dress Black Wrap DressBlack Wrap DressBlack Wrap DressBlack Wrap Dress

Dress Rachel

Milk & Honey Macarons

Milk flavoured macarons with honey buttercream.

These new Milk & Honey Macarons are inspired by the slowly returning sun of late winter and the comfort food flavours of the season. The shells are made with instant skim milk powder and are filled with honey buttercream. This recipe uses a new formula for the buttercream that I think should be foolproof!

Milk flavoured macarons with honey buttercream. Milk flavoured macarons with honey buttercream. Milk flavoured macarons with honey buttercream. Continue reading

Making Plans

Woman in cozy scene with a book and tea.

It’s the time of year where the first signs of spring are revealing themselves. The dark and restful time of winter is passing and the spring restlessness is coming in. It’s when I start to dream of all the ways I could spruce up the rooms I’ve being spending my time in these past, cold months.

Woman in cozy scene with a book and tea.

My budget is small and my house is old, but maybe I’ll be able to improve a few things over the sunny months ahead. The dream shed/green house might be out of reach – and I really should remove the troubled chimney – but maybe I’ll be able to rework a chunk of the front garden, repaint the basement stairwell a brighter, cleaner colour, or refinish the hallway floor with the broken tiles. Maybe I’ll scrap all that so I can replace my old furnace with a new, eco-friendly heat pump and the dog and I won’t have to spend July on the deck with our feet in a kiddie pool to keep cool without air conditioning.

Woman in cozy scene with a book and tea.

Sweatshirt Muttonhead
Jeans Angry Rabbit

This is the time of year for dreaming, setting goals, and making plans. I’m a true homebody and love spending my time fixing up my 97 year old American Foursquare. I can’t wait to see which projects I get to work on this year.

Woman in cozy scene with a book and tea. Woman in cozy scene with a book and tea.

February Wishlist

My budget is small, so I can only pick up one, maybe two, new clothing items per month. I don’t mind, though, as it really makes me think about how I want to build my wardrobe. Here are the top things I’m thinking about adding to my closet this month.

Bunny Bralette in White

This sweet bralette from Inspiration Vintage is handmade with care and perfect for a cozy date night.

Pink Overall Dress

This soft pink denim jumper from Angry Rabbit is just right for late winter layering. I own one in blue and love it so much, I might pick up another!

Original Vegan Boot

It’s almost time to put away the heavy snow boots but not quite time for lighter shoes. These vegan Blundstone boots will keep toes warm and dry until the sun returns.

Sculpted Rib Legging

The classic black legging is the most versatile activewear piece. The ribbed texture of these Roots leggings add a little extra something to this staple.

Classic Crew in Forest Green Rainbow Speckle

The cold weather isn’t gone yet, up here in Canada. This made-in-Toronto sweatshirt from Muttonhead,¬†with its charming rainbow speckles, is just the thing to see us through.

All photos via retailers.