Get Catwoman’s Curvy, Toned Physique at Home

Anne Hathaway was the perfect choice to play the most recent version of Catwoman. Not since Julie Newmar in 1967, has Catwoman had such a perfect body. The Dark Knight Rises’ Catwoman has the strength of a man with the curves of a woman. Watching her keep up with Bane and Batman for 165 minutes is enough to inspire any woman to go home and work towards building a body even remotely similar to Anne Hathaway’s.

This at home workout routine will get you on the right track to attaining Catwoman’s strong, toned, feminine body. Continue reading

How to Run in the Heat

When the first heat advisories of the summer start being released, it can be hard, and even dangerous, to maintain an active lifestyle. Peering out the window at the baking grass from the comfort of your air conditioned home doesn’t exactly make you want to go outside and run around the block, but deep down, you know that all of those sugary, frozen treats you’ve been enjoying won’t stay off your hips forever. Fortunately, there are ways to exercise around the heat, without sweating yourself to the brink of dehydration. It is possible to cool off with a sweet, indulgent daiquiri by the pool and look great while doing so! Continue reading

P90X Review

This New Year’s I made a few resolutions, including but not limited to:

  1. Starting a career in the legal field.
  2. Resolving my tenuous relationship, for better or for worse.
  3. Completing P90X, thereby reaching peak physical fitness.
  4. Maybe participating in a three-way, if there’s time.


I’m researching getting a security license so I can gain some experience that will help me in a policing career. I confronted my girlfriend about her infidelity, ultimately ending my relationship, which I feel was a move in the right direction. Now I’ve got my hands on a copy of P90X, so everything’s falling into place. Except for that three-way thing, but that was just a joke… unless you’re into that. Continue reading

How to Start a Running Program

The last of the lingering snow has melted out from under us, the spring rains have washed away the memory of the once barren, white landscape, my cat has a bounce in her step, knowing that soon, the windows will open again, my bunny is shedding her winter fluff in anticipation of the warmer weather and my legs are aching for their first run of the season. Spring is in the air. Continue reading